Outer Banks Beachcomber Museum


 Hurricane Isabel, Old Nags Head, NC, September 18, 2003 

Here is a slideshow of photographs Chaz took from inside the museum during Hurricane Isabel
in 2003. The water came right up to the door and large timbers from Jennette's Pier were washing
in with each set of waves that poured over the Beach Road from the turbulent oceanfront.

Ocean over wash,  storm surge, and frequent standing water on the Beach Road
are a recipe for disaster for the 100 year old store and the priceless history it shelters.
It is the primary reason we are "moving back and moving on" with the business of
opening these irreplaceable pieces of Outer Banks History as a full time attraction.

This summer, Isabel's cousin, Maria, looked like she could be the "Big One" but we were spared.
We don't want to take another chance at losing these treasures next Hurricane season!!